fencing in…

i got two spam comments tonight.

i followed one to his website and wish i didn’t.

this seems timely after my last post about wanting to put a bubble around my kids.

and i will remain in prayer for the lives i witnessed on his blog. dear god.

even if those comments were random, it is no longer worth it to me to be out in the open.

so, i am in the process of making my blog password protected.

stick sculpture

part of what i love about this blogland is connecting with people i wouldn’t otherwise, finding kindred spirits, feeling surrounded by others who i have never met, nurturing relationships with those i know, satisfying a creative hunt, finding hope in what others offer. i am not ready to lose that, but i am ready to bring the fence a little closer in.

stick sculpture

what this means is that i have a username/password for anyone who wants to access this blog (well, unless you make my stomach hurt).

just leave me a comment and i will pass that info back to you.

if i understand wordpress procedure correctly, you will (eventually) use that to log in and we continue on in a blissful blog bubble.
stick sculpture

oh, yuck.

EDITED: let me clarify that there was no mean comment left…it was a fairly vague comment about “cute babies.” i think i would have let it go except that i followed one comment to his blog.

so i don’t feel scared. i don’t think we are being targeted, i simply don’t want to be a prop.

plus, in case i wanted a little more nudging, this morning i found three comments on my last post with some guy leaving me his phone numbers. i’m not going to call.

39 thoughts on “fencing in…

  1. it is so uncool for you to have to do this.
    but it is life in this world.
    there so much bad out there, we cannot be surprised by it.
    but i almost always am…

    of course i want the password.
    i love reading about your family.
    you are a lovely inspiration to me and i couldn’t stand to miss that.


  2. Well, I’ve been reading along for a few months, maybe? Loved the preschool blog as well. My blog is private, but if you want to take a peek before allowing me access to your blog once it’s password protected I’d be happy to provide you a way to view it.

    So sorry some whacko commented on yours. That is icky. :(


  3. That is so sad! How could anyone find anything horrible or even odd to say about your blog? You bring happiness into the blog world…they don’t know what they will be missing.


  4. Hey there my dear, dear daughter,

    Yes, yes, yes — we need your password.

    The Psalmist wrote some words that strike me as most fitting for you on this day:

    The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; I have a goodly heritage. Psalm 16:6

    He was “celebrating” his boundaries! Be assured that the “boundary lines” you are drawing are indeed falling in pleasant places. Know that you are insuring your children’s “goodly heritage.” I cheer you on.

    Much love,


  5. yep. me too. i love, love, love your blog and don’t want to miss out on it!

    oh, i’m wishing you lots of peace, and safety, and confidence in your fencing in!


  6. I enjoy your blog! Please add me to the list that would like to keep reading. I get those spam comments too but thanks to akismet I don’t have to look at them.


  7. I enjoy your blog! Please add me to the list that would like to keep reading. I get those spam comments too but thanks to akismet I don’t have to look at them.


  8. poop. . .that sucks. We had a similar problem with Flickr and had to go friends and family with photos of Owen because people pull the photos and post them. When you follow the links it is truly disturbing what else is on the sites.

    I love both your blogs and was glad to find you and reconnect. I especially love your preschool blog because it is so full of beautiful, wonderful, and creative activities. I shared the link with a few stay at home mom friends because I knew they were like minded and would appreciate your creativity.

    If you do decide to password protect I would love to be included if you didn’t mind. And by the way we do a tie dye event yearly too. I actually introduced it to my mom’s club and it is now a tradition for one of our craft days in October.

    Good luck and make the decision that is best for your family.


  9. Hi, I don’t know you… just randomly came in, because your blog heading was on the front page…

    I think that ‘Dad/Opa’ has alot of wisdom… what a blessing! listen to him… ;)

    In Jesus,



  10. I know blogger and other blog sites have was to block spam comments, etc. Don’t know about wordpress, though.

    …..this story is why I was so hesitant in the first place to have a blog…. hopefully you’ll come up with something that feels like a good balance of “safe” but not too closed off.


  11. I know we don’t know each other, but I do enjoy reading your blog. And I’m safe! :) I guess this comment will send you my email address and then you can email me the login (if you so choose)? Sorry not all souls of the world are how we might desire them to be.


  12. Oh, yes. I had a similar and bizarre experience with Blogger, forcing me to start moderating comments before they post. Some people have too much time on their hands.


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