sammy checkers

sally and sammy

meet sammy checkers (naomi and eliza wanted sammy and micah wanted checkers…kind of like lucky frank when i was little). we’re taking care of this little guy (complete with live music serenades) until he finds an adoptive home.

music for sammy by you.

it has been so fun to watch a mini-sally do all the things she was doing about a year ago.

sally and sammy

sally and sammy

and watching them together is like me-and-my-shadow…we’re careful to say the dog we are taking care of rather than our new dog…jerry is in his element with training him. it’s kind of like the joy of a second child…we aren’t as freaked out…can recogonize the joy a little more quickly.

sally and sammy

but as i type i have a keen eye on those two romping in the living room (dear god, please may i not need to write that sentence again)…waiting for a bathroom need to become evident.

the kids are elated. sally is curious and calm. the cats are less impressed.

not impressed lucy

6 thoughts on “sammy checkers

  1. oh my god. who are you guys?? I don’t recognize you. :) Fostering another D.O.G.????????

    I’m imagining this large house with 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 cats and 2 dogs…. and getting queezy. The intensity and the level of work and commitment that all takes…. whew!

    How long do you think you will have this new pup around? What’s its story?


  2. i’m so impressed with all the animals in your house! it makes me feel like i could do it someday, too. just not now. two dogs together looks pretty darn cute, though. the look on your cat’s face reminds me of a quote i saw in a pet store that read, “Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.”


  3. Okay, when you put it that way I can get freaked out.

    Jerry is the main one here…loves the training. Knows what to do.

    This is also short term…I’m sure. They found homes for the others already. We also know we can bail at any time it isn’t working for us for sam.

    I don’t know…call it a family hobby?

    I have wondered what need we are filling (or trying to fill) and I can’t come up with anything…

    He’s a cutie alright.


  4. You can tell that the pup is looking up to Sally in a bigger sibling kind of way.

    And like Kate said, your cat looks like something I read, “Dogs come when they’re called. Cats take a message and get back to you later.”

    I love animals and I miss having pets! This post was so refreshing!


  5. hey kristin –
    i’ve been lurking every now and again ever since you posted a comment eons ago on my blog! we drink a lot of milk. do you still need milk lids?? we’ve been saving them for a few months. Got like 30 or something. :-)

    that puppy is so cute! i decided not to show my kids this post…


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