orphanage. jail. school.

it seems that there are only a handful of things that i can do to truly connect with micah…build with legos, jump on the trampoline together, scratch the itch on his back, cuddle with ollie cat between us in bed and build fire.

on this rainy morning he thought it was a good morning to build fire.  out we went and with the aid of lighter fluid, got a damp fire going.

morning potato fire

he wanted to fry up some meat.  i suggested potatoes instead.  we just read the wild boy and i’ve been thinking about that dear child ever since.  the story read that he ate potatoes straight from the fire which had micah look right into my eyes then gaze to the ceiling, then back to my eyes.  straight from the fire?

while we were tending our potato fire, ollie cat was mewing from the window at us.  my mind escaped to my childhood games and i thought ollie looked like he was stuck in jail or an orphanage longing to be free.  at that moment micah said:

oh look.  poor ollie.  it’s like he’s in school.  he can’t wait to be free.

uh ho. one week til school starts.

may my micah not be preoccupied with wanting to be free.  please.

3 thoughts on “orphanage. jail. school.

  1. Oh, I can relate. Boy can I relate. As hard as it may be, however impossible some passages may seem, he’ll be fine. MICAH WILL BE FINE. I am adamant about that: HE WILL BE FINE. HE. WILL. BE. FINE!!!!!! And when not fine at every moment, he will be fine after being loved back to “fineness.” :-)

    What a blessing to have a mom & dad like the two of you. Nothing could be more comforting to me as a grandfather of that sweet young boy.

    Love you much!



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