simple moments

there have been several distinct moments of waiting in these past days. some bringing in the soul deep relief of good news, some bringing nothing but more waiting, one bringing soul deep grief.

demolition derby...water break

yet we’ve lived life. children keep things going. we had an extended family gathering in a town smaller than ours..a parade full of tractors and candy.  seriously, this was the parade:

parade...for. real.

i don’t remember it being so simple.

we went to the county demolition derby.  jerry knew this well from his childhood.  i remember my folks taking our family to it when we moved here…kind of a “cultural immersion” experience.

demolition derby...close up

it had been years.  i remembered the noise.  i remembered the heat.  naomi was totally preoccupied with keeping cool (temperature and style).  we brought spray bottles along that came in very handy.

demolition derby...keeping cool

i did not remember the mud.

demolition derby...mud found by you.

definitely a highlight.  we were covered.  the people around us caught on to the mud balls the kids were making and shared.

demolition fighter woman

then the sun set and the moon rose and we finished out the evening in cooler relief.
demolition derby...moon rising

it’s good to remember happiness.

2 thoughts on “simple moments

  1. It’s the major redneck thing our family does every year and we missed it this year when we were on vacation, thank you for sharing so we didn’t miss all of it!


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