mountain memories

my dear mother-in-law hoped that this trip would bring us together.

traveling through the rockies

how can it not have? though it was intense and a lot of work and rocky at times…experiencing life together can only bring us together.

papa's joy

thank you for the gift of this trip.

going home

we laughed, we were safe (despite accidental hydrogen peroxide drinking and dog-peanut butter eating).

beware moose

"sam" the moose

rainy day car tricks by you.

and really, being together for our 13th anniversary, with feet in the snow was a gift.

13 years of marriage

7 thoughts on “mountain memories

  1. We’re so happy you had this time together. Sounds like quite the experience. Jealous? Just a tad!!! :-)

    Love you much!



  2. That moose still haunts me!!!!!! Wow, what an experience!!! :)

    Thank you for sharing your special day with us. I hold those days as private, so you and Jerry giving up alone time so the family could be together those days is a special gift. I’m glad you made some good memories surrounding that day.


  3. Think the puppy is cool. You want to KEEP it. Sorry to hear about the ankle but that is growing up and etc. Tell her our ankle twinges with hers. Happy anniversary to you and your love. You look mavalous………………….


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