mountain eating

cooking uncle

with a gorgeous kitchen, we took turns cooking the evening meal.

supper feast

we hoped our evening meal could have been offered after a hard day’s fishing.

balls o fire

not a fish was caught.  we watched people on either side of us reel them in.  we sent the kids over to find out what kind of bait they were using.  we ran over to their fishing spots when they left.  not a fish.  jerry looked like he might cry.

cuke and alpha bit snack

just like home there was the work of snacks…i did wonder, though…are alpha bits really “new” or was this simply the reality of the lonely corner grocery store?  hmmmmmmm.  then the excitement of finding our granola bar packages expanded.  it doesn’t take much.

altitude granola bar

peanut restaurant

and then, with all the food cooked, all the money well spent eating out, we went thrifty and heated up pasta in the hotel room…nothing like eating luke warm leftovers by the glow of a flourescent bulb with warm bleach-scented washcloth nearby.

pasta in the hotel

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