mountain colors


traveling with rainbows…some of you will enjoy knowing that it is jerry under the rainbow umbrella.

travel forts

night light

micah agonized over what to spend his $7 on.  four of it was spent on this piece of plastic that ended up being a wonderful night light.

night light

beer flowers

naomi made bouquets out of wildflowers…such amazing arrangements.

beer flowers

golf balls

we had a great time mini-golfing.  well, great when eliza wasn’t flailing her club around.  great when micah wasn’t taking 20 hap-hazard swings at one hole.  great when naomi wasn’t freaking out because she couldn’t get the ball in within her 5 strokes.  mostly, though, it was great.


yellow mountain

and oh, you beautiful mountains.

mountain sky by you.

3 thoughts on “mountain colors

  1. I absolutely love the second to the last shot: the one with the yellow flowers in the foreground and the misty mountains in the back. Gorgeous. Each and every shot provides an eye-popping experience, but that one made my jaw drop. Beautiful.


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