wheels about to turn

“how many times will the wheels have to turn before we get there?  like a million, i bet.”

we are somewhat frantically packing up for a week in the mountains with family…but i am taking time to post these pictures…a few photos of a bookbinder’s outing to the art museum.

this group of 4 girls takes turns picking a book, then gets together to talk about it…or to make up new stories as happened on this outing.

off to unplug (until we visit a wi-fi coffee shop in town, i hear) and see art in the beauty of nature and ourselves (i hope). micah, in his knowledge of previous road trips, is already asking how long the drive will be. i hope the promise of a view of the mountains holds us all for awhile.

9 thoughts on “wheels about to turn

  1. oh may you have a positive experience with more fun and love than trials and trouble!! looking forward to hearing about it when you get back!
    love to all – ang


  2. good luck on your trip! the drive is always a chore.
    when you get back we MUST get together! i promised talby we would.
    i love that glass sculpture at the museum. when we were there i had no camera and it was driving me nuts!


  3. I love the pictures in your blog! They really capture the colors and energy of childhood and family life. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!


  4. Thank you for bright colors … for letting us in on the things you see, do, feel, think! Great !!!!! As you know we are looking to Austria and remember you Kristin just “flying and floating” along the lower Alps of Hinterstodder, Austria. What a memory!!!!! Blessings to all of you as you sense and increasingly become aware that God is just a whisper away. PRAISE HIM.


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