polly…er, ollie

well, we took the kitties to the vet for their first shots. hence, they cuddled…feeling too crummy, we guessed, for the usual senaking, hissing, swatting routines.

lucy and ollie

while we were at the vet, i was in the waiting room with eliza. suddenly the big kids came pushing out the door wide-eyed and thrilled to announce, it’s a boy! it felt like a funky flash-back to the 50s. what? a boy? who? lucy? polly? yup, polly. polly is a boy. so, meet polly turned ollie:

polly becomes ollie

he’s such a sweet boy, too. we have some decisions to make in the next few months, but for now we’ll just help this little 1.8 pounder grow…some of you know this well.

2 thoughts on “polly…er, ollie

  1. as your sister-in-law/vet-tech-student, I feel compelled to ask that if you are implying that you are considering having kittens with these two adorable new additions to your family, please don’t!!! It would not be fair to them or the hundreds of kittens that are euthenized everyday because they can’t find a home. *most, if not all, of the cats we dissected in class this past year were probably under 1 year old*
    Also, I encourage you guys to spay and neuter all 3 of your pets for health reasons. This can be explained further this weekend, if you are curious.
    I hope I haven’t sounded preachy – that is not my intention. I just care so much for all these sweet creatures.
    If I misread your intentions, then please disregard my ranting and still love me regardless. :)


  2. Oh, heavens no.

    No kittens here.

    Our decision to make is if we are indeed going to keep 2 cats forever….if they are going to both be inside cats…if they are indoor/outdoor….etc.


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