starved rock

in the bowl

micah’s version:

“it’s a place that is called starved rock because there used to be native americans-illinois ones-who were being chased and they got stuck on the top of a cliff thing and starved to death. so it is called starved rock. and i guess the animals were chased away by someone in a different direction or else they could have shot something with their bows and arrows. that’s what’s weird. we got to climb behind the waterfall and it was scary but not really.”

naomi’s version:

“it’s a really cool place that makes you think about nature and how god and science go together. the best part was getting wet and sandy with sand whiter than i have seen before. the one thing that is really disappointing is that people went up there with things to carve all over the rocks with-like they would have had to bring tools along, it’s not like a last-minute idea. that didn’t ruin it, though.”

in her element

eliza’s version:

mama: “what do you want to say about starved rock?”

eliza: “oh, yes, i want to do that!”

mama: “what did you like about it?”

eliza: “i liked it when we eated at the place outside when i had orange juice. i liked when sally-dog ran by the water. i liked it when we were on the path. i just wanted to climb the mountain and i am a really good climber…like sally.”

5 thoughts on “starved rock

  1. oh i love starved rock!
    when we went there i was in awe.
    i had never seen anything like it and had no idea where we were going.
    i thought we were just going to a campsite.
    then we go out to hike and it was AWESOME.

    very cool.


  2. climbing, exploring, driving, flooding, blue potatoes, empty pools — it sounds like you are having a wonderful summer and a wonderful vacation — enjoy it!


  3. Where is starved rock at? It looks amazing and like a really neat place to go. I love the comments by the kids. You’re obviously having a wonderful time together!


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