welcome, summer

with a potato treasure hunt and emptying the pool before leaving town, we welcomed summer.

i remember digging for potatoes as a child. it seemed absolutely magical. i felt the same way now.

red, white and blue potatoes

red, white and blue potatoes

we’ve been eating our potatoes with butter, dill and parsley but i couldn’t resist hauling out the fry-daddy for our blue potatoes.

red, white and blue potatoes

in draining the pool, a little extra craziness was tolerated. it was a slow process of watering the yard late into the night, moving the hose around and letting the gardens soak it up. it was a little out of my regular tendency to take the effort to do something so slow with little immediate gratification. bit by bit we grow.

emptying the pool craziness

emptying the pool

and more slow work…very tedious work to make sure each cherry is worm-free…but gratification came the next morning: sour, sour cherries cooked down with sugar eaten with russian pancakes and cottage cheese (though others had combinations so complicated i can’t remember them)…amazing.

cherry pitting

welcome, sweet summer, welcome.

3 thoughts on “welcome, summer

  1. mmmm…looks glorious!! we’ve finally joined the rest of the world in summertime – but we’re still in that adjustment period where things are not always so enjoyable. looking forward to more fun times to come soon! (hopefully)


  2. My saliva glands went spastic just looking at those cherries. We had three prolific trees like that at home. I spent hours and hours and hours picking, washing and pitting. But what a reward for the effort!!


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