packing up and heading out

eliza was working hard to keep up with the packing…loading rocks into gift bags with helmet as suitcase.

and trying to get herself back in the house:

i wonder if this was a turning point for her…does she now know that having a chair in front of the door to reach the handle doesn’t work…or will she try it again?

after tenting for a night a few hours away, we headed north and stopped in hannibal to see the flooding sights.

amazing. humbling. scary. we were able to peek right over the levee and touch the wall that is holding the flood back. jerry confessed the mental plans he was making if the wall were to break.

hannibal was a wonderful stop on the way. dog friendly, homemade rootbeer, a somewhat urgent atmosphere knowing the water that loomed blocks away, lucky rabbit’s foot (i didn’t know they still sold those), a new sunhat, postcards, memories of decades past trips here.

wind farm

then a few hours from chicagoland, it was crazy, crazy, crazy to be woken from a nap to jerry saying: kristin, i think your parents are behind us. what? no way. why would that be? sure enough, they drove a few hours our direction to meet up. they took the kids for some of the time, starting our time together a few hours early.

wind farm

on this route, the kids were graced with lessons in energy. on our trip we passed an ethanol plant, a nuclear plant, then stopped at a wind farm. it was like a weird sci-fi movie. i wonder if the farmsteads are used to these by now? did those who built the farm generations ago even begin to imagine these would grace the land?

wind farm

wind farm

we (or now as i write it, i think it was more i) tried to come up with the most out-landish thing that might come on the land in the future. and we waited for the blades to get in the correct position to make peace signs…then the collective call: “peace sign!”……..”peace sign!”……..”peace sign!” oh, yeah, passing the time on the road.

6 thoughts on “packing up and heading out

  1. Talk about the best parents! WOW. My mom is driving through town tomorrow and not even stopping to see the kids. Anyway, that’s cool. I’m jealous. And…I have to comment on the wind generators. Do you recall from my blog that they freak me out???? They give me the creeps.


  2. Looks like you are having an amazing adventure so far.
    I have never seen one of those wind turbines, they do look rather sci-fi… creepy!
    And I’m right there with Jerry and his mental plan for if the wall broke, it gives me a cold sweat just thinking about the possibility.
    Sending prayers for safe travels and fun times!!


  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. I will have to keep checking back to see what else is happening in your life. I can’t believe how your children have grown up. Enjoy your family time. We’ll be in Iowa City at the end of July — it will be interesting to see how it looks after all the flood damage. Let’s SOS sometime soon.


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