it’s the process

i totally believe this.

i spend significant amounts of energy trying to help preschool families understand this.

i remind my children over and over of this.

but when it happens to me in the kitchen i do. not. embrace. it.

especially when significant amounts of ingredients are used.

homemade energy bar flop

especially when extra time is taken to wash hands and let little ones help.

homemade energy bar flop

especially when the ingredients could have been used for other things or snacked on as their own.

homemade energy bars?


homemade energy bar flop

homemade too-wet-for-granola-too-crumbly-for-bars bars.

it was such a good idea.

i probably should have measured more carefully (as usual).

5 thoughts on “it’s the process

  1. All I can suggest is “think ice cream or yogurt toppings!! “Could be great!!If it’s too wet, maybe freeze it and then break it into chunks?? At least it’s not burned!! I’ve always burned granola whenever I’ve tried to make it

    Love you!!


  2. I was just thinking today when I was making something that I really should be more careful about measuring . . .it’s hard though! Maybe tomorrow you’ll appreciate the process more :) I agree about the process being the important part but I also know just how you feel!


  3. You have your own blog . . . how cool. Who is the photographer in the family? They are doing a great job.


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