life of a father

when i looked at pictures from father’s day festivities,
i was struck by this photo:

father's day blur

jerry is still and in focus while his hands are busy, his children are busy; each one moving in a different direction. this doesn’t even show the dog, the cat, the gerbils. the grass growing, the dishes piling, the graden drying. the school work waiting, the appointments looming, the list festering.

father's day adoration

it is an honor to watch someone outside of his comfort zone live his life as a father.

and it is a complete joy to watch worlds collide:

cj and jerry

at a wiffle ball tournament this weekend. anyone recognize the batter?  we hadn’t seen him in years and years. oh, joy.

cj and jerry

8 thoughts on “life of a father

  1. my my talk about a blast from the past!
    how fun!! i think my sis was in town for this same tournament
    unless there were 2 wiffle ball tournaments in town
    on the same weekend! :P
    what’s he up to these days??
    we had a day filled with baseball as well
    how fun!


  2. I love that first picture. I was capture by it before I even read what you wrote. I was thinking “wow, life is spinning all around and yet he remains still”. Really, that is what I thought before I read your caption. Cool capture.


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