to the men in my life who have fathered me or those around me, thank you.

thank you for your strength

thank you for your wisdom

thank you for your creativity

thank you for your willingness to change

thank you for your order

thank you for your spontaneity

thank you for your tenderness

thank you for your spirituality

you have the changed the world.

thank you.

happy father’s day

• • • • • • • • • • •

all these photos were taken one day on the farm…papa’s piles.

4 thoughts on “fathers

  1. Hi!
    We notice again that it is late, 10:50. We had a wondewrful “outing” with you and the kids. Wow, we marvel at the many ways you find to interact with your children. We had a great time today with the Toms and Gareths … It was great! Thank you for your thoughts about the men in your life. It is true – had I not fathered as I did, you would not have happened! Profound thinking. From both of us Much Love OMA/OMI and OPA /Opi.


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