bottle caps and cherry trees

bottle cap wood working

we spent time outside nailing bottle caps to wood pieces…my thought was to make shaker instruments, their thoughts were to make rafts, tanks, tables, swords.  oh well.

bottle cap wood working

bottle cap wood working

i’ve been feeling sick on and off all week…fever, chills, headache, funky stomach…and a general sense of being hit by a truck…i am reminded to be grateful for energy.

so i spent a chunk of my time on a chair under the cherry tree watching the energy of others.

pool moment

we had a wonderful giggle watching sally.

cherry eating weim

cherry eating weim

she’d get up (like a giraffe, the kids said) to eat cherries right from the tree…pits and all.  she even used the ladder to steady herself.

cherry eating weim

i made a cherry crisp and there are many more cherries waiting.  our first year for cherries. what a gift.

4 thoughts on “bottle caps and cherry trees

  1. A friend pointed me to a still-life flickr pool that might be up your alley


    Our cherry tree is 100 years old and we’d need a forklift (not just a cherry picker) to get to the cherries. We have to settle for low to the ground strawberries.


  2. I remember climbing my Grossmama’s cherry tree and eating to my heart’s content. I liked getting as high as I could and nibbling the ones on the very top.

    Sally also reminds me of my mom’s dog, who will eat from her raspberry bushes like that, puckering her lips to avoid thorns!


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