inside summer

i am spending much less time inside than i remember other summers…i have outside chores that seem easier to do this year which simply means they get done…weeding the gardens, watering the gardens, cleaning the pool, sweeping the driveway, hanging towels and clothes to dry, picking off dead heads (not you, just our old flowers), putting fresh water in the tubs at the sandbox, picking greens, washing them in the shade…i am grateful for the satisfaction of getting tangible work done…

summer home

another relief is that with us outside, the inside home seems to stay tidier.  i am so much more aware of the seasons of our home.  with all of us working and living in the school system, summer is drastically different.  i so often resist this and long for it to feel familiar.

summer home

again, maybe it is because everyone is old enough to determine a bit of their own work each day, i am relaxing into this newness.

summer home

5 thoughts on “inside summer

  1. Coming from a family of teachers, I get so jealous of their summers… and their Christmas breaks… and spring breaks but then I remember that I (for the most part) leave my job at the door when my shift is over… no lesson plans, no cutting out bulletin board letters, no grading…
    Glad you’re enjoying your outdoor time…. and what a GREAT bonus: a cleaner house!


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