hee hee hee

its not quite tofu pumpkin pie, but i did feel a bit sneaky making kool aid today.

stevia kool aid

after reading this, i bought kool aid with the intent of making play doh, coloring our hair and experimenting with some kool-aid tie dying.  i think we still will do all those things, but the kids wanted to drink it too.  i hated the thought of stirring in a mound of sugar and used stevia drops instead…don’t get me wrong:  we eat plenty of sugar…that’s probably why it grossed me out so much to have to measure it out.

stevia kool aid

hee hee hee.  there were no complaints.

5 thoughts on “hee hee hee

  1. Oh, you are so living a parallel life to me. I, too, have bought Kool-Aid with the same intentions… and we also have managed to make a jug or two over the last 12 months… And I swear, while buying it, I was silently VOWING we’d NEVER drink the stuff. LOL. I call it a healthy sense of moderation. :)


  2. I’ve done some really fun yarn-dying with kool-aid — it’s really fun and instant gratification! I blogged about it a few months ago if you want to see the process. I’ve also done some tye-dying with it, with less positive results and have often thought the hair dying would be fun (although my kids hair is too dark and/or coarse for it really to work I think).


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