up and running

it. was. so. hot. and. the. kids. were. so. cranky.
and. i. am. tired. of. tv. and. fighting.

so we did what we said we weren’t going to do.

pool time

i know that this silly little pool will take incredible work to keep clean…
daily, so i have been told.

pool time

i hope it is worth it. after today, i think it will be…
and if not, we’ll water the lawn and fold it all up.

pool time

note to grandparents and other worried ones: eliza can’t get in on her own and i promise i won’t let her be in the backyard without an adult. for real. and yes, we do feed micah.

2 thoughts on “up and running

  1. i love love love love l.o.v.e that pic of ne & eliza
    it is worthy of a frame on your wall
    enveloping embrace
    all they should be
    all they are


  2. I too have considered buying such a play thing — I’ll wait until you tell me if it is really worth it! For now, the 20 inch play pool is still providing lots of entertainment (and lots of mud, at the moment…)


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