garden goodness

we have been experiencing the luxury of eating from our land.

garden broccoli

tonight:  steamed broccoli with a bit of sea salt.  the kids ate it like it was candy.  how sad that our plants are struggling under the wrath of bugs so we harvested and ate it all tonight.

garden cabbage

garden coleslaw

coleslaw made with our cabbage crop  of 4 heads (also before the bugs would eat it all) and radishes since we don’t have carrots yet.

garden greens

greens for lettuce wraps and salads…

i know the luxury this is…a yard of our own, money for seeds and starts, time to turn the land, bodies that can do the work, water from a well, working hoses, time to weed, time to harvest, time to clean the goods.


2 thoughts on “garden goodness

  1. Now that I have read all your summer entries…oh! What rich and varied things you’re doing. I don’t think you will regret the swimming pool and, wow!, that broccoli looks gooood.


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