an eve of fishing

i know i didn’t get it.

fishing adventure

fishing adventure

when i think of us “going fishing,”
i think of exploring the banks of the lake,
finding rocks,
eating good food,
drinking cold drinks,

fishing adventure

sitting under shade trees,
reading books,
singing songs,
collecting leaves,
making a fairy garden,
picking weed-flowers,
all the while a pole leaning against a tree bobbing in the water.

fishing adventure

um no.
we did go fishing.
we sat on a rocky pier.
in the sun.
there were rocks (plenty).
there was limited grass.
one weed flower plant.
no shade trees except those in the distance.
and none of that needed to matter…after all, we were there to FISH.

fishing adventure

i got it.

fishing adventure

and thankfully friends were along to eat good food,
hide from the sun,
drink cold drinks,
collect rocks,

fishing adventure

make pretend boats,
sneak into the pond,
pick that one weed flower,
play with the minnows,
and go home hoping we might catch a fish next time.

fishing adventure

now i know to bring an umbrella,
my own wildflowers from home,
and a few extra cold drinks.

and jerry, bless his heart…he needs to get to go fishing alone.
then there wouldn’t be bait dumped in the beer chest (guess who).

minnows on ice

3 thoughts on “an eve of fishing

  1. The photo of the bait in the beer chest is priceless. I remember Hamms, what was that commercial? ..from the cold refreshing waters. Now I have to look that commercial up.


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