milked out

as i lamented in the grocery store aisle, a wise friend of mine told me that i am simply milked out…that i am giving and giving and now i am milked out…she went on to talk of the earth also being milked out and we are all affected by that. oh, this wisdom beyond my thoughts is manna to me.

i immediately thought of the journey of nursing…years and years for me. those early days when the babies wanted to nurse round the clock and i nearly panicked knowing that i would not get more than a few hours of sleep at a time but not wanting anything but to nurse them. those toddler years of nursing which were full of acrobatics and shirt pulling that had me crave to have my body back yet wanting nothing more than to stay connected in this way. it was so clear how to meet my children’s needs then. how i long to scoop them up, have their sweaty heads in the crook of my arm and know that i am giving myself completetly to them. that is my challenge.

and with that longing, i am open to the spirit. i am poised and ready to receive grace, ready to get busy, ready to wait.

p.s. i actually took that photo of milk lids to send out as a plea for folks to save them for me for preschool…so if you are able, please do…wow…faith, grace, longings…and milk lids. that’s about right for my life…

2 thoughts on “milked out

  1. yes, that nursing relationship is one of luxury — to know what to give them and how, and for it to be just right. i try to imagine what it’s like for parents who have never known that. i know it’s painful for some who long for it. no matter what’s right in front of you, i’m sure your kids will remember how much you give. one day they’ll be in awe of it.


  2. I’m deeply moved in recalling my days of nurturing my children. My premies [two of them] made it much more fifficult to nurse my babies. But the joy of holding to me, rocking them when they were not well – wonderful memories. Thanks Kristin for sharing this beautiful time of your life. Much Love and Peace, your Oma.


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