no toys needed

pizza in the park

may i be reminded that i n.e.v.e.r. need to bring toys along.  i escaped the house tonight with the younger two while jerry and naomi languished in bed with the stomach flu (yikes) and we went to the park (thanks to megan’s inspiration).

pizza in the park

pizza in the park

not only will they find things to use, but maybe it’s because their hands and minds aren’t full that they can see new things.

pizza in the park

truly one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

3 thoughts on “no toys needed

  1. this is something that i have been pushing for
    they always ask
    when i’m feeling motivated
    i say no
    and they are never disappointed
    i need to remember that
    and be motivated more often


  2. Oh what memories this brings back. It’s such a delight to watch kids just be kids – to play , to imagine, to just be -if given enough unstructured, un-rushed time. Hope Naomi and Jerry are feeling well again…


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