humming along

now that the herbs are settled, growing and the path is in its final position (after a couple other formations), the kids walk it like it is a labyrinth…

herb garden

i must teach them the song i find myself humming eveytime i walk through:

herb garden

herb garden

herb garden

herb garden

i am so grateful to have found this part of myself…this green part that was surely nurtured as i watched so many women in my family ahead of me work the land and make amazing things happen.

we are eating our peas, lettuce, spinach every day…what a gift to have peas on earth.

but oh, i have said goodbye to my poppies…i waited for them and their beauty lasts only a short time…the last one to bloom:

we have an amazing creator.

4 thoughts on “humming along

  1. Oh how I love the poppies. Your Aunt Heather grew them so bountifully and effortlessly every year. We all collected seeds from her poppies after she died, and many sprouted for your aunts, and continue to come up year after year. But mine never did. How I miss her.l Maybe I’ll try again this year!!


  2. I can’t believe all the things that are ripe in KS! All we’ve got are asparagus and rhubarb. Both are great, but garden fresh peas…yum! Thanks for reminding me that summer really will come.


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