like linda and sue

i got a new simple lounge chair…the kind that both ends can tilt up.

without telling the kids my memory, they replayed it.  when i was little, my neighbors had these chairs (did we too?) and we would turn them into our boats, our apartments, our cars.  and we always called ourselves linda and sue (she was linda, i was sue).

by tilting up both ends and putting a blanket on top, you make yourself a cozy, cozy spot.

so my delight at coming upon micah and eliza tucked on this chair, and their delight when i brought them two blankets: one for a roof and one for cuddling under.

3 thoughts on “like linda and sue

  1. we were at the thrift store the other day and saw one of these. mali and greta immediately gravitated to it, mali yelling “look at that boat!”


  2. boy oh boy do i remember doing that with my mom’s lounge chair; that is when she wasn’t tanning on it. i haven’t seen a lounge like that for years.


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