this is the way we say goodbye…

today is the last day of the preschool year.  there are 20-some little lives i may not stumble into again.  on to the big school they go, off to new places they go.  my job is easier and harder since i have become a mother myself.  i know how much work it can take to get children out the door.  i know how quickly things can feel “not worth it.”  i know the leap into trusting it takes to leave your child with someone.  i know the annoyance when things aren’t as good as you wish they were.  i also know the deepest joy as i watch my child fall in love with another adult…

good bye lollipop

we’ll have a day playing “the everything-is-for-sale-except-sand-and-water store,” cutting apart the photo strip from our welcome ritual, having a parachute and popsicle party with the grandma and grandpa friends, and collecting memories for our good-bye bags…

then i will close the door and likely shake my head in wonder at where the year went…how much didn’t happen that i thought might, how much did that i never planned on, how my greatest goal to save the diginity of each child that comes through the door remains my greatest motivation to do it all again in a few months.

6 thoughts on “this is the way we say goodbye…

  1. even though i don’t have the fortune of sending my kids to your fantasy-preschool, i thank you for holding all the children you do in your nurturing, soft light.

    ps – i’m glad to have your “inspiring me” list back. i sometimes like to browse through them.


  2. *sniff* It was a great year and we are so thankful for the opportunity to have shared it with you. You give so much of yourself to these kids, I hope you have a nice restful summer to recharge.


  3. It made my day to be able to come for just a few minutes today and receive hugs from (some of) those thirteen darlings. And to see the nest one of them made in the sand. Thank you for protecting my child’s dignity. I have much to learn about that. It is so important. Yes, to watch one’s child fall in love with another adult is a great gift.


  4. thank you kristin!
    you know i love new creation and that we love you.
    annie is going to miss you all so much this summer. what a treat to see you yesterday. as soon as talby got in the car after school it was the first thing annie shouted to her “we saw ms. kristin!!!”
    we must have some get togethers this summer…with or without body crayons.
    annie and i just sat here and went through your entire page which took us way back to easter. she loved finding eliza and her other friends.
    we’ll see you soon i’m sure.
    i’ll check the etc. shop…a safe bet right? :)
    have a wonderful week at home with only one baby!


  5. Thinking back to those days when you nutured my children, makes me miss the innocence of those days, it was always the best feeling to know that my kids were safe with you and miss deb. Thanks for continuing on with your love for children!


  6. Today is my son’s last day of preschool and it’s nice to hear how much you care. What a wonderful world it would be if all who came in contact with children wanted to “save the dignity” of each child!


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