notes to self

note to self #1: tell your early-reading child that if they hammer a battery, battery acid can fly out at you.

battery warning

this happened a week or so ago…micah was disassembling an old camera and daddy suggested he go do it in the garage. soon micah came in asking for a shower (not typical). i saw gray spots all over him and told him to show me where he got it.  i challenged him for mixing ashes with water again…no he didn’t do that. i asked if he found some gray paint…he said, “does gray paint hurt?” by then we were at the scene and i saw the smashed battery. yikes. into the shower and a few little blisters remained. poor guy…forgot to mention that battery reality.

note to self #2: lock the doors.


today i wondered where eliza was…headed outside and found her down the block following sally. this means that she let the dog out, crossed a busy street where cars drive fast, and went for a stroll…all in the moments it took me to rinse breakfast dishes.  she’s not feeling well, maybe the illness is getting to her. scary moment.

i am tired.

and grateful.

p.s. happy may day…we were graced with these at our back stoop this morning. we have our suspicions. : )

may day flowers

8 thoughts on “notes to self

  1. Oh Wow, I hate those moments, poor thing you had two in one week!
    Don’t you just feel so blessed and grateful on the other side of that?? I always do.
    Wishes for a peaceful weekend : )


  2. Ummm. Wow. Scary. Real scary.

    Good to know your experiences….. it makes me think that if these oversights do exist in the “normal” lives of “normal” mommies, I might be able to do this job eventually… without too much judgement, I hope! :)


  3. good notes.

    i can hear you now “i forgot to tell you….that batteries have acid in them that will burn you” and “i’m worried that….if you run in the street you may get hurt.”

    i mean that in a good way. your words are corrective in such a loving positive way. my words…

    not so much.
    glad everyone is safe.


  4. ohhhh…flashback! zachary about 2 years ago (so he was like 1 1/2)

    we were playing in the sprinkler in the driveway and i went around back to turn off the water

    when i came back there was a line of cars stopped in both directions on our street (40 mph speed limit – many times cars going much faster)

    and there was zachary pushing his lawn mower across the street to see the cows on the other side – needless to say i was mortified! he had gone all the way up our driveway and across the street in a matter of seconds!

    so glad everyone is ok – prayers of thanks for those guardian angels who put in overtime!!


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