earth day sunday

earth day at church iii

though earth day was last week, we celebrated at church today. i am grateful for these photos or else all i may remember is eliza insisting on spinning on the big rug in front, eliza screaming “nooooo” to anything i suggested, eliza eating the seeds from children’s time that were intended to plant, eliza drawing with markers all over herself, eliza having her teddy bear help her throw balls of clay, me feeling sorry grateful for naomi who sat quietly writing in her journal as i ran myself silly after this little girl.

(jerry and micah were at a men and boys retreat and we had women and girls time here…more to remember on that later…)

earth day at church ii

people were invited to bring things from home (we brought our kitty) and there was clay waiting for the children to create anything. the morning was a series of processions: light, sun, moon, stars, fish and birds, earth and sky, creatures…people brought their items and clay sculptures to the front table…creating a beautiful display of reminders that this world is truly wider than anything we can imagine, thanks be to god.

earth day at church

2 thoughts on “earth day sunday

  1. Now that is one of the best nature tables I’ve ever seen.
    And I know that is the BIGGEST pine cone I’ve ever seen!!! Xxx


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