dandelion magic


after a run of days that include someone pooping in my bed, a bathroom sink overflowing, a small fire in the kitchen, violence among young ones, news of death in iraq over and over again, moments that bring me pause and wonder if peace is possible, i gladly write about dandelions.

micah came home with some magic i didn’t know about. when you pick a dandelion and split the stem,

straight stem

put it in a glass of water

dunk it in water

the stem curls.

stem curls

so go get a dandelion and enjoy this treat of nature. may peace and love and compassion, hope and joy and wonder curl around us all

curled dandelion stem

9 thoughts on “dandelion magic

  1. Wow! When I saw these pictures of that curling stem, I thought to myself: what a beautiful image for the “Realm of God” — there’s presence, there’s definition, there’s shape, but there’s also a lot of space and so much air! How wonderful. Praise be to God.

    Love you all so much!


  2. Ooo, I remember doing that as a kid. We would split a whole bunch of them and soak them together to get them to intertwine as they curled. (There’s a metaphor there, I’m sure!) Then we’d wear them like necklaces.


  3. Oh honey, it sounds like you had SOME week!! Hooray that it’s the weekend.
    That’s a pretty neato dandelion trick, with some pretty excellent photos I might add. I have a feeling we will be trying this today, thanks for sharing : )


  4. That’s neat. But my real question here is, when your kids decide to stop sleeping with you and Jerry completely, will you guys get a new bed? There really have been several stories of peeing on it…. and now pooping? oy. :)


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