spontaneous joy

really, i don’t know who had more fun, the children who found the creek full of water, or me who delighted in having a camera along…early evening sun and water and children…ahhhh.

after a spontaneous decision to eat leftovers and fresh bread together at the park, there was spontaneous creek bottom play…was abby indeed the first one in?

i love watching children involved in this level of freedom, waiting for what they will choose to do with a wide and shallow water-road, seeing a different side of them…


meeting place

noticing evidence of a child’s work, appreciating there is a place to rest, but choosing to go home instead…grateful knowing that the only thing needed is to clean bodies and clothes.

my brood heading home

man and dog

4 thoughts on “spontaneous joy

  1. Oh how wonderful! Brings back such sweet memories of you and Jon playing in our Markham ditch in the warm summer sun after a great rain that filled the ditches with warm, muddy water. Oh the wonderful jumping and splashing…And fast forward to just a few years ago when Omi and Opi were with us at your Newton ditch as the kids reveled in splashing and rolling in the mud…I would have gladly jumped in there with the kids today!! Love you and miss you lots…


  2. Beautiful photos and wonderful fun!!!
    Yay for you for seeing the amazing in that situation through all the wet and muddy….I need more friends like you in real life!!
    Last summer while we were building a new perennial bed, the boys and I flooded it on purpose and they had the best mud pie fun. So much so that I called Jon and told him he HAD to come home from work early to enjoy it too. It proved to be just another time that our neighbors thought we were absolutely nuts!!


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