breakdancing pride

i have distinct memories of fridays in elementary school music class. mr. jones was an old white man who played piano and taught us to sing songs like “marching to peoria,” “scarborough fair,” “my country tis of thee”…

on fridays we could choose songs from our song book to sing (white girl that i was from a home playing good old folk music, i always chose #117…”scarborough fair”). but then when singing time was done, mr. jones let kids bring out their casette tapes and a big piece of cardboard.

smooth floor

desks were pushed forward, the cardboard was put in place, music was turned on and the breakdancing began. i watched with wonder at this piece of home…watching bodies move in new ways.  i loved fridays.

breakdancing i

so imagine the deep joy that is mine as my own micah is enthralled with breakdancing. he’s had some inspiration via you-tube and supper night demos…and his skill is hilariously good. captured here are his spins that involve one leg moving under his body with hands moving out of the way just in time.

breakdancing ii

breakdancing iii

breakdancing iv

naomi asks, “mama, is that what you remember?! is that it?!” my kids are like those artists coming in to draw the faces of suspects…they are trying to reproduce what i explain from decades ago.

8 thoughts on “breakdancing pride

  1. boy did you take me back in time with breakdancing. i remember watching my friends breakin’, but i could never do it myself. hope you’ve got a video to go with those lovely pics.


  2. I also had the same Mr. Jones for music class. However, the breakdancing days must have started a few years after I went through there. I don’t remember that part at all, but I enjoyed your post!


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