holy moly….or frog

i did not know that frogs bury themselves underground. we were relishing a warm day last weekend and digging more of the garden when jerry unearthed this little one…actually this little one was quite big.

my stomach then clenched with every next dig he did, but no more frogs found. we released it back to the land after a short bit of human love.

more fruit of his labor…wood cut this spring for next winter…

the ipidimy of delayed gratification…something i can learn the value of a bit more.

sand cave ii

the surprise of a sand cave found and a promise revelead…

japanese quince

spring has sprung.

6 thoughts on “holy moly….or frog

  1. the first creature lauren ever caught was when she was 4. we were on vacation. i noticed dirt moving inside a tree stump and i told lauren to go see what it was…and it was huge toad! it was so cool.


  2. Landon is sitting here with me looking at your blog. He said “That’s a toad!” Also, he wanted you to know that the breakdancing is awesome!!!! Maybe Micah can show him how to do it.


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