this interruption brought to you by…


a new plant bursting in the sidewalk


an overgrown bush on the path

sandbox obstacle

forsythia that can’t hold back

fairy corral

a fairy corral on the front step

each of these interruptions was pleasant…brought me a smile and a slight wag of the head, gave me pause in my step, had my mind spin to something wider and more mysterious than me…

fairy corral detail

what i want for myself tomorrow, the next day, the next and the next…is for my children not to feel like an unpleasant interruption.

so that when they leave shoes by the back door and i unknowlingly dump 1/4 cup of sandy dirt on the floor, when helping the kids fall asleep take most of an evening, when they come with books or requests for a drink,

when i am talking to an adult and then sidle up to me, when a drive anywhere is loud with seemingly constant “mama, mama, mama”…

let me smile. let me pause in my step and my voice…

let me look at them and thank god for the interruption.

11 thoughts on “this interruption brought to you by…

  1. My, my, my…

    Holy interruptions, indeed! It feels strange to ask this as your father, but can I be one of your children? It would be sooooooooo good. That day may come, you know? I am comforted to know that you will be motivated not to consider me an interruption. Thank you.

    I love you,



  2. Sweet note from your Dad. I wish I had my Dad around still to give me sweet notes. Treasure that. Hold it close to your heart and don’t let it go. Don’t take what you have today for granted because it may be gone tomorrow.


  3. oh my – as i sit here all a-tingle i too am thanking god that, right now, my life is one big interruption! i would have it no other way – thank you for that reminder


  4. another inspirational post. i can see how your kids are like the pleasant interruptions you introduced us to: the ones in the natural world — bursting forth, anxious to bloom, growing over the tidy edge. now i’m looking at my own interruptions from my kids and wondering how i would respond to them if they were simply beautiful things along my path.


  5. Oh what wonderful reminders.
    How often do I sigh in frustration, instead of smiling at another request, raise my voice at the exact time I should be calming and comforting, make the mistake of feeling interrupted when I should feel blessed.
    Thank you for reminding me, its all in the attitude. Most of my life’s great treasures started out as an unexpected interruption… thanks for the perspective.


  6. I seem to remember one day, probably when your home only had one child in it, when you said that you think everything is better with a child, including grocery shopping. Do you still feel that way?


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