the art of spinning and free shows…edited.

i will someday get my act together and finish tweaking my preschool blog, but until then i will remember here some of that early childhood magic…the magic that happens when more children than adults are in one space, when there is a time to do nothing but be together, no laundry, no personal phone calls, no screens of any kind, when children are encouraged to get busy. where all shows are free but you need a ticket for everything:

during our week of weather exploration, tornado safety talking, moving like the wind, seeing the wind on bubbles and fabric, we also did some spin art.

it’s such a simple tool: wood on a turntable with a magnet in the center to hold paper on with another magnet. thanks to my folks to this donation.

oh, dear spin art you have filled many papers and corners of free wall space.

EDITED:  i wish i had my camera at school today…the day after this post.  it was quieter suddenly and i found three kids standing on chairs peering over my office half-door…eliza was in there watching dora on my computer and they could just see the edge of the show.  i need to get that screen out of there too.

8 thoughts on “the art of spinning and free shows…edited.

  1. I used to be a preschool teacher/manager…your day here brings back lovely memories for me **sigh** I do miss it. Now I have a school of my own…my children :o)



  2. what fun! and ‘tickets’ are just too cool. :) okay, so i’ve seen the little preschool chairs in a couple of your pictures – can you tell me who the manufacturer is?? i really love them! thanks. – shelley


  3. Very interesting … Enjoy! You come right into our comfortable room. Thank you! This way we can follow you and remain being a part of all of you. Have a peaceful night and a wonderful day tomorrow, Your OMA/omi and OPA and opi.


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