funny april fool’s day

a little glue-as-milk-bowl-of-cheerios started the day.
the kids were so cranky and tired,
this was the one smiling moment of the morning.
no foolin’.

april fools day cheerios and glue

then a fake ponytail and huge paperclip earrings to preschool

(some of you knew me back in the real ponytail days…
some little ones wished i looked this fancy all the time…oh well.)

then the making of fake ketchup spills,
dropped circle rings with fising line and
big foot pranks to send home to waiting families.
the anticipation in the preschoolers was wonderful.

then an “nice cold drink” at jenny’s which was really jell-o
(hilarious to watch them try to sip from the straw!)

funny, funny stuff, i tell you.
no foolin’.

9 thoughts on “funny april fool’s day

  1. We have had so so many ketchup spills at our house today. The best was the one on my laptop keyboard. What cute ideas you had – and can I tell you how much M loves yanking that disc away from me? So fun.


  2. Those are all such funny, funny things. You are a clever one miss kristin!!
    I’ve got to say April fools has never been my thing but next year I think I might need to steal a bunch of these ideas for our own entertainment!


  3. How do you do the ketchup spills? My kids are old enough to be expecting something on that day; maybe I could do it a few days from now!


  4. oh my…i am in love with your blog!
    found you surfing around…honestly can’t remember now how i found you…but i feel we are so much alike!
    i am not teaching at the moment. i decided to take a few years off to stay at home with my sweet boy.
    i taught 3/4th grade and miss them all very much.
    looking at your photos and posts made me feel very much at home…very familiar.

    glad to have found you. looking foward to reading more!


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