6 year old power

happy abe

micah takes great pride in his ability to make abram laugh…oh, the let-the-one-year-old-push-you-down-then-roll-away-then-come-back-up was by far the funniest move.

playplay iiplay iii

and absoluetly worth doing again and again and again and again.

more play iimore play

these are the days we waited for.

5 thoughts on “6 year old power

  1. ooooo – i love this power – maybe it’s a bit boy power because, as i was reading this, zachary (who is only 1/2 of 6) is tearing around our family room, running into the couch, falling down, etc. and benjamin is laughing hysterically – those wonderful baby belly laughs!! way to go micah!! we’d love to join in on your fun!!


  2. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. This is so very precious. Dear Micah is such a gift to Abram. May they always enjoy each other so much. “Waited for”, indeed. I’m filled with deep, deep gratitude.


  3. Stumbled across your blog from Visty’s The Rinrins. I have to tell you I just love your photography!!! You take such wonderful pictures!!! And your prairie…..looks so inviting! Can I live there?


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