little red bug

i want to ask jerry what kind of bug this is…

so very, very red. so very, very small…smaller than a pencil eraser small.

another full trip to the trail…this one on the first day of spring.

lots of walking, talking, log moving, sun seeking, hummus eating, blue cheese stuffed olive gagging (everyone gagging but me, that is), welcoming the promise of warmer weather to come.

5 thoughts on “little red bug

  1. I think that is some sort of a mite. They bite I believe.
    What in the world mm is your camera lens??? Good gracious.
    Looks like a lovely trail trip, although I would be among those gagging on blue cheese stuffed olives…yowzah!


  2. Blue cheese-stuffed olives are the best! Anchovy-stuffed one just as good. And the garlic-stuffed ones… I’m heading out to get me some. The hike on the trail looks absolutely delightful. We’ll have to do it with you again.

    Love you!


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