yellow is the color of my true love’s…

honey bear. a yellow capped honey bear for my three true loves, that is.

i feel a similar surge of joy and anticipation for easter as i do for christmas…even better. christmas is a reminder of hope to come…the babe is born…it is a beginning with an invitation to dream of the future. easter is a reminder of hope triumphing…the stone was rolled away…the mystery of good triumphing…when people say indeed when nothing seems for sure anymore…ahhhh.

so with a day that calls us to claim this hope, we got ready.

and while we worked, the markham easter bunny had some baskets of goodies delivered…a decade old tradition by now i think…right, markham easter bunny?

and so, in the quiet of saturday we waited and worked for sunday.

3 thoughts on “yellow is the color of my true love’s…

  1. How do we get that Easter bunny to visit our house? Those are some awesome Easter baskets! He/she must be a very special and very loved bunny! :)


  2. that’s a precious picture of the three kids — the way naomi is softly touching everyone, eliza looks like a little nix-noox, and micah looks so much like his uncle jon to me! (usually he looks like you to me)


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