not unless he lives to be 186…

will easter fall on his birthday again.

but this year, dear jer bear’s life was celebrated on easter…with flowers left over from one of his classes.

i love thinking of him sneaking away from the high school to run to the grocery store to get tulips and lilys for them to disect (and then on easter morning, he labeled the easter lily on the church bulletin).

his quiet self has been my rock for all the years i have known him.

happy birthday, dear jerry, happy birthday to you.

3 thoughts on “not unless he lives to be 186…

  1. Someone asked me if my birthday has ever fallen on Easter Sunday before and without thinking too much I gave an off-handed “umm…yeah, maybe”. Jerry would have calculated until he had the correct answer (10 minutes later) and it appears, the answer would be no! Thanks for this little fact. I guess this means there won’t be another birthday paska for another 152 years!
    Happy birthday dear Jerry.


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