no running in the thrift shop

do you know that moment when you spot something across the thrift shop that you really, really want? and you are afraid that if you look too interested (much less run over the carefully stacked dishes, the rack of vintage prom dresses, the shelf of votive candle holders with half burned candles still there, the bin of rolled up fabric to fill a bag for 50 cents, the baskets of flip flops), someone else will spot it? and really, if someone else did spot it and show delight in it, i am willing committed to sharing the joy.

but no one else spotted this wonder before me…this large pizza sized circle waiting among the frames. so i calmly plucked it up and leapt with whole joy on the inside. the label says it is intended for outdoor use and is said to bring good luck. i don’t believe in luck–good or bad, but i do believe in the wonder of circles and patterns, colors and history. so, i will gladly hang this new treasure in honor of the first day of spring.

welcome to it, folks.

7 thoughts on “no running in the thrift shop

  1. I DO know this moment. Holy cow–the glee! I also experience this feeling at garage sales and store-wide clearance sales. That looks a lot like a hex from Pennsylvania Dutch country. Does it say anything on the back? I always found it so odd that these conservative folk would create symbols to paint on barns in order to ward off evil. I love the vibrant colors, though. We brought a few from Lancaster County when we moved back to Kansas. One hangs over the staircase to our basement; another on the front of Chris’s folks’ house.


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