working on the prairie

we had a wonderful day working on the farm…we tore down an old deck to use the lumber for a sandbox while the kids were highly engaged in make believe (that deserves its own post) scrambling through papa’s piles (another post deserved).

the sun was warm, the air was so mild, the sky was so, so blue.

i realized again how i love using power tools. well, my experience is limited to a power drill, but oh, the thrill. the thrill of the drill.

at the same time, i love the strength that a pry bar gives. it’s simply my muscle intensified. to hear the squeak of nails pulling from lumber is quite a rush.

and as we piled our salvaged lumber, i thanked the hands that so carefully nailed and screwed them all together years ago…the intention and work they did first, we will do now.

so long, mud play, we’re one step closer.

2 thoughts on “working on the prairie

  1. There is not much better than hard work with your bare hands under a sky so blue and filled with sun.
    Enjoy building that sand box. I did one for our guys last spring, completely by myself. I echo your sentiments about the power tools…good stuff!


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