free farm play

while we worked, they played a game that merged little house on the prairie and boxcar children. papa has piles of wonderful props. i simply called the angels, remembered the fastest way to the er, asked my logical husband if we should worry, gave one more serious reminder to keep shoes on no matter what, and then we let them play.

oh, i love to see children explore, discover and create (my little preschool mantra there). and that they did.

exploring a “secret passage”…

finding “plates and plate rack”…

“money” to buy things (eliza looked like she was given gold):

“a real ladle to hold real water that is not safe to drink”…

and before we headed home, doors were shut, dishes were washed, and things were left just so…there are great hopes for after easter lunch. we’ll see…there will be more adults who i think may be a bit wiser. uh ho.


11 thoughts on “free farm play

  1. We had the same type of weekend last weekend. Went to my Dad’s house in the country and I couldn’t pry them away from the junk metal pile. Drove me crazy! I told them ‘one more time going near all of that metal and we’re going inside!’ Never worked. They were like magnets to it.


  2. mmm…i say go for it – there’s always a tetnus booster if need be!! looks like hours of fun. i remember being in college and exploring an old barn filled with old “junk” – i was terribly excited and engaged – it’s amazing how junk has the ability to pull even big kids in!! :)


  3. This reminds me of a Sesame Street episode I saw recently. It was from the 70’s and was preceded by a warning that it is intended for adults only. It showed kids happily playing in drainage pipes. Your kids are lucky they have a parent who isn’t a 6 (in the Eneagram) like me.


  4. Oh yes!!!! What a blessed day! The gifts of time, of junk piles to explore at will, of imagination, of relaxed, unstructured play… These are gifts too precious for words. Thank you for taking the time for this day as a family. The kids will always keep this memory tucked away in a special place in their hearts. Truly a “remember when…” day. Much love, Mom/Oma


  5. Hi! First visit here.

    Love that you let your kids do all that exploring. I bet that day will go down in their history books!

    Oh, I love your header too. So lovely.


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