wander home, gnome

micah came home from school wanting to make a fairy garden (again). we opted for rice since it started to rain outside.


his gnomes kept wandering, looking for home.

then there was the idea of water…because everything needs water.

all i could think of was dear marie, who since yesterday wandered herself away from her new nursing home. my parents are consumed with finding this lost one. (if you live in the chicago area and want more info, please let me know…). may she too have water and all else she needs.

wander home, gnomes…and wander home, marie.

6 thoughts on “wander home, gnome

  1. I love your garden, Micah. And those little gnomes were much loved by your great aunt Betty. And your great, great Oma Guenther used to have some gnomes decorating a tree stump in her living room when i was a little girl. And your Nan had big gnomes outside in her yard!

    Oh, praise God. We got a call early, early this morning that Marie has been found by the police.We don’t know any more details yet about where she all wandered. May her wandering not have injured her spirit, and may we all be given the wisdom to help in these next steps of her journey.


  2. Here we are again! To see your blog and study the message in all of the creations is awesome. Thank you for keeping us posted … Beautiful garden – clear, clear water. We love you all OMA/omi and OPA/opi


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