i have a hobby

as long as i can remember, i have felt like i didn’t have a hobby (many of you know this about me). yes, things i liked to do, things that were fun for me, but not a hobby. on my folks’ last visit i was showing my mom my latest knitting project and her eyes lit up as she said, “oh! you have a hobby!”

our town has very active traintracks right through the middle of it. i used to try to claim this time of waiting, take it as time to listen to npr, make lists, work on lesson plans, wait it out.

and now i hope, hope, hope that there will be a train so that i can knit. especially on the way to work when eliza is the only child in the car, strapped tucked in her car seat, the morning sun is still rising, my coffee from home is still hot, npr is giving me things to carry for the day…i actually slow down a block ahead of the tracks in case my good fortune of forced waiting will come.

however, i do fear that i will run out of rectangle projects that involve only knitting (not purling)…that’s all i know how to do.

12 thoughts on “i have a hobby

  1. Me too, Me too!!
    All knitted rectangles here as well.
    Why does the purl scare me so? Oh and the idea of having to think hard enough to count and combine the two seems that it will take all the fun out of it. I keep telling myself that scarves are good. People like scarves.


  2. What a way to claim that moment when so many are frustrated by it! This reminds me of a friend of mine who knits at red lights. I find knitting to be a stress reliever — very therapeutic, indeed. I hope it becomes this for you. By the way, you could make all kinds of things out of a bunch of squares! And I’m sure you’ll be confident with purling soon. :)


  3. Yay for hobbies! While I am capable of knitting beyond rectangles, I find that I prefer knitting something basic and easy that requires no thought (or purling because I prefer knit over purl). It is then that I can experience knitting zen. I did make a few ponchos years ago that were two rectangles sewed together, just in case you tire of scarves and potholders. LOVE your new banner.


  4. Hey! You could get some circular needles and then you only have to knit…no purling…and you can make round things, like hats!! Anyhow, no matter what you knit, keep doing it. Next time I’m in Newton I’ll bring my needles and knit with you whether it’s sitting in a car waiting for a train or at your house after the kids are in bed. Someday…


  5. i think your whole family will be set with scarves by the end of the month with the amount of trains we have! now whenever i go through the tracks i will not only shout “yeah we made it without a train!” i will add “i hope kristin is far behind me so she will get stopped!” :)


  6. Oh I miss the Newton train! I have a pattern/picture I’m going to send you. It was sooo easy and sooo cool. You can make one for all of your kids and they will be SO impressed. I purled, but you don’t have to!


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