let the women be there

in honor of the women whose basic existence is more work than my hardest day, i humbly remember you and yearn for your peace. for you women who have filled my spirit with more than i had before, i thank you and commit myself to you.


5 thoughts on “let the women be there

  1. Kristin, Thank you for being such an incredible support to so many women. Thank you for your bright light. Thank you for your sensitive spirit. Thank you for your fiery love for life. Thank you for your celebration of the big and small. Thank you.


  2. Ack! KristEn! Sorry for the misspelling! So, so sorry. I still celebrate you–even if I can’t spell your name!


  3. Ok. I give up. I realize I don’t know how to spell your name. Help me out here! But I love so much about you!


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