look what we might get…

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update:  we are looking into what program (4H?) we can involve ourselves in to make this an intentional project, not just another creature running around the property.  naomi desperatly wants this experience (or a bucket calf, or a pig, or chickens)…so we’ll see.    

11 thoughts on “look what we might get…

  1. Aww, man! I love little goats! Some of them are quite snuggly but they also like to climb on anything and anyone. Are you really getting a goat? I can’t wait to see what happens.


  2. Oh my gosh…where will you keep it? It’s against all the rules to have such a thing in our neighborhood. AHH Suburbia stinks! I’m so jealous. The only thing better would be a henhouse full of chickens and a calf in the backyard!


  3. is it a female? you probably don’t know that during my second pregnancy i became obsessed with goat products. so if you start making goat cheese or goat yogurt, i may just drive over to kansas to try it!


  4. Sounds like fun. Remember the goat next door at 515? I think that was a smaller breed with shorter ears, but a goat nonetheless. I can just see the goat and Sally eyeing each other. Could be very interesting. If this actually comes true, I can’t wait for our next visit. :-)


  5. Oh yeah!! Kristin, the expression on your face as you’re holding that little goat takes me back to you holding “Baby Sam”, the little pygmy goat that we helped take care of when you were a teenager.That Baby Sam would follow me around the house, waiting for his bottle. Remember how he jumped to the highest points he could find, and eventually butted Josie , our dog, off the deck? Poor thing finally had to find a new home because he always escaped, looking for people to be with with. But he sure was cute!!!!


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