t e n

oh dear naomi, sweet little birdie from years ago, so warm and strong. you were determined as a baby, curious and independent you grew…to now.

baby-naomi.jpgten today…well, at 12:02 pm you were, which you like to remind me of.

we were blessed with the presence of all four grandparents here for tasty appetizers followed by a daddy-caught rainbow trout feast followed by a birthday cake that proves there are young ones helping.

we’ve brought cupcakes to small group, chips and juice to 4th grade, opened presents, wished the slight headaches away (though micah hasn’t been successful…he’s been home with oma for two days with fever too)…

and tonight naomi looked in my eyes and said, i am happy

i do not take these words for granted. not one bit. when i lit the candles on her cake tonight, i was determined to use one match. i couldn’t. it would have burned my finger if i insisted on holding on. this is a time to let go and trust it will be better than holding on too tightly.

14 thoughts on “t e n

  1. happy birthday big girl! i am always reminded at this time that mine too will soon be “older”! momma & daddy should be proud – you are growing into a beautiful, wonderful person! wish we could be there to celebrate with you!


  2. Such a lovely post.
    TEN…. I can only imagine what the holding on and letting go must feel like when your first born reaches double digits. Gulp!
    Happy Birthday Naomi!!!


  3. oh, what a moving post, kristin! it strikes the chord of motherhood precisely. i remember waiting for that little ne, and i remember when she arrived. i remember right away thinking how she had her daddy’s eyes, but she still looked kristin-ish. i remember how strong she was from the beginning. i remember holding baby nene on one arm and baby lydia on the other and being so full of love. thank you for helping me to watch her grow from a distance.


  4. Wow! Was it really 10 years ago? I remember seeing both you and Jen VERY pregnant standing belly-to-belly at Kate’s baby shower at the Toews’s. 10 years… really? (by the way, I like her syle… red shoes with black shirt and jeans… snazzin’!)


  5. What a beautiful baby and young woman you have nurtured. Ne is so thoughtful, funny and spirited: I look forward to watching the next ten.

    May the celebration continue.


  6. Oh, my sweet niece is definitely growing into her own individuality. I am thankful for her and her spirit. Happy birthday to you, Naomi!


  7. Oh, Naomi. I love you tremendously from afar. I am happy that you are happy. I also remember how much happiness you brought to me and so many others the day you were born…and it continues. :)


  8. Oh my how the years have gone by! Happy Birthday Naomi! What a beaugitul post, and a beatuiful life.
    (Can this really mean that her 3rd cousin, in my house, is just a year away from this momentous birthday? Oh my….)


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