tea time

this piece of my kitchen, this piece of our lives brings an immediate connection to home for me. i think every night (yes, mom and dad?) my parents drink tea. they boil the water, one of them calls to the other to ask what kind (rose hip? mint?), the other calls back (oh, sure, either, thanks), then cups are balanced on top of the basket, carried to the living room, the tea steeps a bit, then a couple cups are sipped before bed.

when jerry and i got married we went to the good earth (some of you remember that store, i know) and got tropicana tea (with the pretty purple flowers) and then to chicago’s chinatown and got our own tea basket…

there is evidence of its use…years of steeping and pouring…balancing cups and maybe even a bowl of chocolate or honey pot.

oh, this tea will stay warm a long, long time. it’s amazing…maybe straw fills the lining? so, you better make sure it’s not too hot before you take a sip…

6 thoughts on “tea time

  1. oh, i remember that tea basket, maybe from your parents’ place in newton, and also from your house. i always think of trying to find one when i’m in a big city that may have a “chinatown”.


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