fort building

i am stunned by how the dynamic changes when one child is not in the mix. naomi was at a birthday party so micah and eliza were on their own. micah kicked into the “oldest” role and initiated fort building. building a fort with heavy blankets, light books and slippery chairs takes a patience that i hadn’t seen in him for a long time.

it is tedious and careful work to discover (over and over again) that no matter how many pillows or books you stack, if they aren’t heavy enough, they will not hold your little sister’s weight.

it is gentle work to pull just so on a blanket to have it hook one edge of a chair while it is anchored on sally’s kennel, because when one pulls too much, there is the phenomenon of the domino effect.

i don’t think this fort was ever completed, but it ended calmly. it ended without tears and a frustrated demolition of the whole thing. dear fort builder, you were amazing.

9 thoughts on “fort building

  1. really it is all about the process with fort building, isn’t it?
    hooray and hugs to micah for a wholey positive process –
    it really is a victory when this can happen!
    it also amazes me how much this reminds me of my own
    who is always building something
    miss you much!


  2. Tears of joy for Micah’s beautiful spirit. Also, tender tears of remembering so clearly my own forts when I was his age and how I wished I could stay in them forever. So cozy, so safe, so absolutely magical. Way to go, Micah!


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