cousin love

we know not to take any baby for granted. the gift of life is just that. so with joy we celebrated a first birthday! since he is now one, he has moved to “peer” position in eliza’s eyes…no more high pitched voices to talk to him, no more gentle rubs of the arm, no more raised eyebrows and smiling to illicit the same. now it was if i touch it first, it’s mine. or if you touch it first and i want it, it’s mine (until mama shows up).

micah absolutely delights in babies. he has practice each week with dear abram, so he was primed with peek-a-boo, exaggerated falling down (which can actually make me laugh too), and bonking things on his head. funny stuff, i tell you.

naomi reminded me of myself when i was little. glad to steal a moment with him alone. to quietly engage him, to notice his expressions of discovery.

oh, happy birthday little man. with your sweet head that looks like the shape of my own kids, with your calm and curious spirit, with the blessing of your life, happy birthday.

7 thoughts on “cousin love

  1. I love, love, love this cousin love! What perfect descriptions of each of your children! I observe these same interactions between them and AJ. Soooo precious. It would be fun for AJ and Caden to meet, too!


  2. i think one of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a love for babies. you and jen have both done this so nicely. i love seeing all your kids loving little ones!


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